Polyethylene crusher tests

Polyethylene is an extremely hard-to-disintegrate material that is harmful to waters and animals. Therefore, its use in other products allows you to save large quantities of primary materials and thus contribute to the environmental protection. However, recycling of polyethylene is often a highly complex process requiring modern technology and specific knowledge.

Plasta AB is constantly looking for advanced solutions and new efficient equipment. Recently, GelPod has tested and Plasta will soon start using a modern highly efficient PE crusher VSD-1200. PE is polyethylene which is one of the most commonly used types of plastic used for the manufacture of various packaging types. A wide range of production covers many different products ranging from plastic bags to bottles. Such plastic is crushed to very small pieces by using such equipment. A washed and crushed raw material is then used in the further production process – it is processed into high quality granules used for the production of films, bags and other castings. GelPod carried out tests during which raw material was fed into the equipment and then its crushing process was observed to see how the equipment operates and check if all nodes are smoothly working. By increasing the crushing load, it was measured how much raw material can be processed by using this equipment per hour in order to find out its performance.

At the same time, high efficiency and capacity of PE crusher will allow servicing of even two Plasta production lines. Hence, this crusher will replace an old but still used crusher and plastic scratching device which is far superior since VSD-1200 can perform the functions of both of them. When using this device, servicing of a line will be simplified and performance will be significantly higher at lower cost as this efficient alternative will replace two different machines used for the same manufacturing process.