Cutting of various parts with CNC machines

One of GelPod areas of activity is custom cutting of various parts by using modern CNC machines. CNC is a computer controlled machine or other industrial equipment. Such machines are easier to use since all actions are pre-set and they are modern, reliable and durable.  In addition, the result is achieved much faster than using other less up-to-date equipment. Cutting with CNC machines is a precise method that reduces the risk of getting a defective part or other unexpected properties. Such machines can also be used to cut uniquely shaped products – curved shapes are made as easily as traditional parts since the process is programmed.

At present, the production of a granular shape (filer) is going on. Although there are several modifications of this equipment (closed type, open type, etc.), the granulator is essentially a device that can cut the required material into small (usually less than 1 cm) granules. The shape, which is the most important part of it, performs the crushing process. It operates upon the principle of a meat grinder – the mass is crushed by high-speed sharp blades designed for this purpose. Therefore, in order to ensure proper operation of the equipment, this part must be extremely accurately and thoroughly produced so that the production process could be smooth.

When ordering the production of this part, the customer also provided an old sample which was unsuitable for use. GelPod specialists have designed a new improved version by using it to satisfy customer needs and desires. This is a rather complicated part so its production by automated machine will take even about one day and a half, i.e. about 40 hours. After cutting a part with a CNC machine, we will need a few hours more for the final processing of this product and various other final works. A part will be delivered to the customer only when it is completely prepared for quality use. Such production gives the opportunity to get a high-quality durable part designed to a particular customer’s situation. In addition, it is also a logical financial solution since when ordering a unique product directly from the manufacturer, the price is usually lower by nearly one-third.