Plastic crushing and washing line restoration

Recently, the company has been engaged in the plastic crushing and washing line restoration. The line consists of even 14 different elements, i.e. 3 washing machines, 2 crushers and 9 different equipment for raw material transportation. Each of them needs to be completely restored. Bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains and other parts should be checked and replaced for the smooth operation. Mechanisms are carefully tested after repairs. The restoration is nearly completed so line testing will be carried out next month. Specialists will monitor, if everything is working smoothly and there is no overheating. The equipment performance will be tested as well.

A received line was really worn out. Despite its poor state (the equipment was basically unsuitable for use), GelPod has successfully restored all its 14 elements and made them fit for the operation again by using a variety of techniques and advanced technology. Such restoration is an exceptional case: there is usually no possibility to restore them in the company and the restoration carried out by the manufacturer is rarely a logical solution for financial reasons. In this case, as a rule, the decision to replace existing equipment with newer alternatives is made. However, our company has actually restored the line within 2 months by using modern technology and exclusive know-how. Such equipment restoration allows to reuse the equipment that would otherwise be discarded. Therefore, the process contributes to environmental protection. Just as processing of the plastic, the restoration of the equipment allows you to save a lot of primary materials and help to stop global warming.

The total capacity of a restored line is 166.5 kW. When using this equipment, it is possible to process between 350 kg and 500 kg of raw material per hour depending on its type. It is used for PE plastic (polyethylene) crushing and washing. Washing is a necessary process since gravel, sand and other impurities enter with a plastic film and they need to be separated from the plastic when recycling it. The crusher crushes plastic waste into small pieces which then can be used for further processing. Crushing and washing are the only areas where this line can be applied but both are essential parts of a plastic processing process.