Plastic crushing and washing line restoration

Recently, the company has been engaged in the plastic crushing and washing line restoration. The line consists of even 14 different elements, i.e. 3 washing machines, 2 crushers and 9 different equipment for raw material transportation. Each of them needs to be completely restored. Bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains and other parts should be checked and […]

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Polyethylene crusher tests

Polyethylene is an extremely hard-to-disintegrate material that is harmful to waters and animals. Therefore, its use in other products allows you to save large quantities of primary materials and thus contribute to the environmental protection. However, recycling of polyethylene is often a highly complex process requiring modern technology and specific knowledge. Plasta AB is constantly […]

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Cutting of various parts with CNC machines

One of GelPod areas of activity is custom cutting of various parts by using modern CNC machines. CNC is a computer controlled machine or other industrial equipment. Such machines are easier to use since all actions are pre-set and they are modern, reliable and durable.  In addition, the result is achieved much faster than using […]

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