Hardening / Surface treatment

Steel hardening is one of the best ways to make it stronger or adapt it to its specific role. The most proper way of hardening depends on the size, form and specific requirements, applied to the technical part.

Steel can be also hardened in heated niter baths. Just like with the gas hardening, the nitrate in the niter chemically reacts with the metal and creates a strong and resistant top layer. This layer is much harder and prevents corrosion and wear. A diffusive layer forms under the top layer, which greatly increases the longevity of service of the part. Niter baths are used for parts, which do not exceed 700 x 700 mm.

We are also experienced in oil hardening. Heated steel is quickly dipped and cooled in a special type of oil. Compared to cooling in water, oil-cooling baths prevent the product from deforming and distortion much better, producing much smaller hardening tensions.

Annealing is used to soften the metal, in order to process it with more ease. The steel is heated to a high temperature and then cooled off to room temperature during a prolonged period of time, in order for the metal structure to be hard, but also elastic and soft in its nature. Resulting steel can be more easily formed to fit its desired purpose. We anneal 600 mm diameter and 700 mm high products, the hardening process is applicable to objects up to 700 mm in diameter and 1300 mm high.

Surface treatment

  • Annealing products up to 600 mm in diameter and 700 mm high.
  • Hardening/annealing products up to 700 mm in diameter and 1300 mm high.
  • Oil-bath hardening products up to 1100 x 1100 mm in size.
  • Niter bath hardening products up to 700 x 700 mm in size.