Bag perforation machine PLAST`CUT

This machine is designed to cut Knotties and T-Shirt type bag handles. It can be used both as an independent machine or integrated into a production line.

Operating principle

Raw material (stripe polyethylene bags) is obtained from other units. Perforation belt in the raw material is detected by the sensor and, at the appropriate moment, a servo drive rotating the cutting blade is actuated. After the cutting operation, waste is blown off the cutting unit by means of a blow-off mechanism. Then waste gets into extraction shafts and is pulled out of a polyethylene strip. Since the machine is autonomous and independent of other units, it can be used as an option with other units in the production line.



  • The machine is mobile and can be easily relocated;
  • It is easily configured and maintained;
  • Knotties or T-Shirt type bag perforation depending on the used blade;
  • The machine is autonomous and independent of other units. Therefore, it can be used as an additional option with other units in the production line.

Machine components

  • Housing with two collapsible covers;
  • Electrical cabinet;
  • Control panel;
  • Asynchronous three-phase motor (+ reducer) – 1.5 kW;
  • Servo motor (+ reducer) – 2.8kW;
  • Cutting blade (rotated by the servo drive);
  • Traction shaft;
  • Waste extraction shafts;
  • Waste exhaust mechanism;
  • Traction brush;
  • Parasitic shafts;
  • Optical sensor;
  • Pneumatic system (4-pneumo cylinders for lifting and lowering the required shafts);
  • Balerina (+ potentiometer for adapting speed to other units).


Technical characteristics

Maximum roller width 500 mm
Minimum bag length 410 mm
Machine speed* 10-80 m/min.
Maximum number of cycles 195
Maximum cutting 190 x 400 mm
Machine power 3.3 kw
Air pressure 4 – 6 bar
Machine weight 560 kg
Machine measurements 1130 (A) X 880 (B) X 1430 (H) mm

*The speed of the machine depends on the film thickness, the number of layers and raw material.