Drilling and milling – are the ways to make holes in metal products. A rotating drill removes thin shreds from the metal part, gradually creating an empty cavity.

Coordinating machine-tools are the most frequently used for industrial applications. It is a quicker, more effective and precise way to drill desired holes than common hand-held conventional drills. The efficiency-enhancing cooling systems are also frequently applied. Machine-tools can work according to both X and Y axes – therefore they are especially universal and comfortable tools.

The drilling is also carried out with milling machines. A rotational cutting tool can be used to cutout various complex shapes and give the metal its required shape and create a smooth surface. This tool can be used to efficiently and precisely cutout desired holes, which can be of a larger diameter than can be achieved by most conventional drilling machines.

With the use of coordinated machine-tools, we can drill hole up to 50 mm in diameter with a 0,01 mm precision. Holes of a larger diameter are made with the use of milling machine-tools, capable of wielding 1500 mm and larger rotors.

We treat parts that weigh no more than 2000 kg. Pre-form dimensions are: 600 x 600 x 1150.

We use the 2135, 2A125, HC12, 395M, 2A450 drilling equipment.